Defog Your Car Windows Faster


Never have a foggy window again

When the rainy season starts, your windows start to fog up from the variances in temperature and humidity and then—bam—you can’t see. This makes your driving uncomfortable, unsafe, and your vision impaired.

Car windows fog up because water condenses on them. This happens because the inside air is warm and humid relative to the glass which is cold because of the lower outside temperature. Humidity or moisture inside increases because of the passengers breathing, the steam from your hot coffee, or the water from your jacket.

Here are things you can do to defog your window

  • To clear your window, use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface window clean. Then turn your AC up to make the inside temperature lower than the outside.
  • Another way is to press that Defrost button on full blast with the heat turned on, but make sure that your air system is on Fresh Air and not Recirculate.
  • Now, if you own one of the advanced models, these cars have a built-in humidity or fog sensor right into the ventilation system which will automatically turn the AC on to prevent the build up of moisture and fog on your window.
  • You may also use an Interior Glass Anti-fog to treat your windows. Just apply with a lint-free, microfiber cloth in a circular motion, then buff it off. Voila! Never worry about foggy windows again.

Now, you can drive fog-free and safe. And because nobody likes driving when the windshield and windows are constantly fogging up.

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