Things You Need To Know About Electronic Stability Control

If you’re looking for a new car and came through the term electronic stability control, we got the basic information to help you get the proper knowledge in the car you’re buying.


Definition of terms

Electronic stability control (ESC)–also known as electronic stability program (ESP) or dynamic stability control (DSC)–is a system that keeps the vehicle on the right track on where the driver is going. That’s why when your car starts to change lanes that cause you to move away from your intended path, this system will stabilize you car to avoid loss of control, skidding, and fishtailing.


How does ESC work?

ESC depends on a series of sensors to detect the direction of the vehicle, position of the steering wheel, the speed at which you’re going, etc. This system activates automatically when it detects that the driver is losing control of its car. This onboard computer will generate individual brakes to one or more of the four wheels to help bring the car back on the driver’s intended direction.

ESC aids the driver to:

  • Correct any oversteering or understeering mistakes
  • Improve handling and traction on slippery and treacherous roads
  • Stabilize the car during sudden maneuvers

There are rising versions of this technology, but the truth is, they all have one basic function: to respond accordingly once loss of control is detected.

Quick tip: Ensure that the tires of you vehicle are properly inflated and in good condition. Likewise, have your brakes checked regularly and address any issues immediately.


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