How to remove emblems

Pimping your car is probably one of the most satisfying feelings ever. The fact that you were able to create a car that was of your own design is such a nice feeling that people sometimes get addicted to it. Some people even go to the extent of regularly changing the color of their car when they get too bored with it. For those who are new to car modification though, they usually have tons of questions. And one of these is probably about the car emblem.

Car emblems can ruin the look of your car if it doesn’t match the look you designed. As such, some people usually remove it. If you also want to, then here is a guide.


Use a heat gun

Heat the emblem and the area close to it until it’s warm. Make sure to have proper in using a heat gun to refrain from having unexpected lumps from your paint or any parts.


Use a string

Yes, you read that right. Use any string (you can even use dental floss if you want!) and insert it in between the emblem and your car. Then, do a sawing or a flossing motion to remove the emblem.


Soak with solvent

Grab a cloth and a solvent, and then wipe away any residue that’s left. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth in doing so.


Clean your car

Wash your car and clean with a car shampoo and microfiber towel to make sure that it will go back to its polished look and to remove the unnecessary residue left.


Spray with a label and sticker remover solution

Easiest way to remove labels, adhesives, rubber cement, duct tape, glue and more. Safe foe non-porous surfaces including glass, metal and automotive paint and also safe for use on all non-porous surface.

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