How to Rotate Your Car’s Tires

It is safe to say that your car’s tires are probably one of the most used up parts in your car. They lead such a hectic life that we can say that their lives are not easy. They turn, they go over flood and mud, and they ride up and down over bumps. Given all these things, your car’s tires will probably be to its breaking point already.

Replacing your car’s tires aren’t cheap. They usually cost a lot especially if you as an expert to do it. As such, people have been trying of different ways to lengthen their tires’ life span. And one of the things we can recommend to you is rotating them. We don’t mean turning the wheel left and right but physically removing the tires from their place.

In order to rotate your car’s tires shift from front to back only, and vice versa. Refrain from shifting the front driver's side tires to the passenger side’s rear even if the tires are unidirectional. Moreover, try to keep this checklist in mind:

  • Always check the service manual for the procedure to remove and replace wheels.
  • If your car has unidirectional tires, you should only change them from front to rear.
  • You should not rotate rear-wheel cars that have wider tires at the rear.


The best way to properly check on this is to have a professional do the job. Better safe than sorry.


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