Road rage and aggression

Remember to always be the better person in any given scenario. You can always talk it out and solve the problem then and there, but there is also the legal but lengthier way to solve it. In the end, prevention is always better than cure. So, try to avoid the possibility of getting in a rage so you won’t have to endure any of these two scenarios.


What is road rage?

road rage refers to the “uncontrolled anger” of a motorist, usually over another motorist, causing him to feel infuriated, and elicits an aggressive or angry response. This seems to be quite petty especially if the motorist is quite short tempered.


What is aggressive driving?

Aggressive driving, on the other hand, is a very different case compared to road rage. This term refers to a traffic offense that any driver can be guilty of. Especially if they are not thinking straight. This is usually done by a driver with no intention of causing harm. Examples of aggressive driving cases are running red lights, tailgating, and speeding. Revenge mentality.


Comprehensive tips to avoid road rage and aggressive driving

Drive defensively, always

Driving properly will prevent you from being an aggressive driver. This will also prevent you from standing out in the eyes of aggressive drivers. Keep both of your hands on the wheel always.

Keep your cool

Traffic can bring out the worst in us. It can really test our patience and pull our strings. That’s why it’s best to keep your cool and prepare your mood for the traffic ahead. If you know traffic will take more than a couple of minutes.

It takes two to argue

Be the better person. A lot of the road rage and aggressive driving incidents usually involve two or more drivers. Remember to always keep calm and be courteous and polite. Try to speak slowly and show the aggressive driver that you're a reasonable person. This will prevent both parties from making a bigger wreck out of the problem.

Keep your head on the road

Don’t try to drive when your emotions are high. Emotionally charged situations can blind your reasoning, cloud your decision-making skills, and cause you to get easily annoyed by traffic nuisances. This could have you end up in trouble.


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