Is that second hand car really worth it?


In this day and age, people are becoming more and more practical. We are slowly opening up to the idea of owning pre-loved or second hand items since it’s more cost-efficient. In the car industry, this trend is also evident because of the continuous pop up of buy-and-sell car stores. But for someone who isn’t really a car enthusiast and only wants a second hand car to make commuting to work easier, how do you know if that second hand car you’re thinking of buying is a great steal?


Look for cars that are only up to 10 years old

Let’s be realistic here. Most people sell their cars to buy a new one. And usually, it’s because their cars are too old and the cost of having to fix it up is almost the same as having to buy a new one. So, it’s best to try to limit your list to cars in the last 10 years since cars more than this lifespan have a lot of issues that need fixing and repair.


Scout for the price of parts and repairs

Maintaining cars are usually very expensive. So, better canvass for prices of parts to check if the price of maintaining it can justify the cost of the second hand car.


Ask experienced mechanics to check the car

They are the experts. Don’t be timid to ask the seller if a mechanic can check the car for you. Especially, because they know what they are looking for. 


Try to look for a car still covered by warranty

This isn’t usually the case, but it’s not impossible. There are a few sellers there who have cars that are still under warranty. But if it’s not, remember to always test-drive it. Nothing beats having to try the product yourself.


Check the mileage

Always check the mileage. If it’s past the 70,000 mph mark, ask for the records of the periodic maintenance to see if it has been maintained well or if there is any history you should know about.  


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