What you can expect from the GoPro

  • The go pro must be kept in the car or always brought by the user every time they decide to drive. (imagine the hassle)
  • It must always be manually turned on if the car user wants to use it.
  • Price wise, this is the more unethical, more expensive choice compared to actual dash cams.
  • It doesn’t come with an intelligent parking mode. It does not have the usual features of a dashcam. The intelligent parking mode enables dash cams to keep recording even if the car is parked.
  • Especially during hot summer days it isn’t as durable or resistant to treacherous temperatures
  • It automatically deletes old recordings to have space for the new ones.
What you can expect from a dashcam
  • No need to remove them every time you have to leave the vehicle. It is automatically in the car.
  • It turns on automatically and begins recording once you start the car.
  • Definitely cheaper compared to GoPro cameras.
  • Comes with intelligent parking mode. The dashcam keeps recording even if you’ve already left the vehicle.
  • It also comes with a looped recording that lets you replace the oldest recordings when you record new ones.

The GoPro must be kept in the car or always brought by the user every time they decide to drive

Why Shouldn’t You Use Your GoPro as Dashcam?

First off, if you are into practicality the GoPro cameras are way more expensive than even a high-quality dash camera. Aside from that, the design of the camera isn’t even fit to stay put on your dashboard.

Also, you would have to turn them on and off manually. The GoPro does not have an automatic function that starts the device when the car does. It is also missing all the important hardware that’s supposed to protect a dashcam when it gets too hot inside the vehicle.

Just imagine the hassle of having to get into your car and mounting it on your dash. Then, you still have to plug it in and turn it on so it records while you drive.

Compared to just getting a dashcams, it won’t give you as much trouble. All you have to do is install it and just drive and park as usual. It does all the work it’s meant to do and it has all this quirky features.

Dashcams won’t give you as much trouble

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