Give your car a good old wash

Since the start of the enhanced quarantine period, several enterprises have stopped operations. Some areas would actually include small businesses or even your favorite car wash place.

Check everything

Check how your car is as of the moment, roughly a card has been left parked and not in use might exhibit some potential issues. After all, it was idle for a good amount of time, so there’s a chance that leaking and other similar problems have had the chance to rear their ugly faces.

Issues may arise if you did not properly check. Such as  air leaking from the tires, battery gunk especially on the terminals, etc. There are even some unique problems typical to a parked car like an accumulation of bird poop, and actual animals living inside your engine bay.

Start it up

At least try to start your car up and keep it in “Park”  as a way of ensuring the health of your vehicle during these “no-drive” times is to start it up, and let it idle for about

Engine and Interior Detailing

Everyone loves a clean interior, and all car guys will appreciate a spick and span engine bay. As such, we also recommend detailing those parts of your car. Best to have a thorough cleaning for the interior of the car. You never know what you might find hidden under those mats or engines.

Bumper-to-Bumper Check

Giving the exterior of your car a thorough bumper-to-bumper check is also a good idea. You’ll spot some problem areas that’ll need addressing when this quarantine is over, and you might even might some unique design quirks that’ll renew your interest in your car model.

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