Hopping into your brand new car and you’re pretty much excited to put on your music jam and the right collection of music to play on your first drive. Different motorists have their own style of music that hits their taste. Here’s some tips to help you come up with the perfect playlist for your daily drive.





Everything starts with this one. Obviously, it starts with you. As the saying goes, songs sets up the mood for your day. Are you eyeing to listen to the radio and await the song that hits the perfect mark? Or would you rather open your Spotify and choose the playlist to your liking?


Whether you’re having a bad day due to the stress of traffic or the tiring day at the office, music will definitely light up your mood. Stop stressing yourself and ruin your mood by flipping channels and looking for the songs that you like. With technology allowing you to bring your music library with you, your collection of favorites is now right there at your fingertips. All you need to do is put it together.





When you’re behind the wheel, you eagerly want your song to get with the program immediately. You want it going, as soon as the engine does because nothing ruins the moment more than a song that just takes forever to ‘get played’.


If you’re in a very bad mood, the right music should kick off right away; while if you just made a remarkable sale and made your boss very proud, an up-tempo track should definitely be in order. Every second you’re in the car are moments that keep you in a good mood for the short or long drive ahead.



This may definitely be the trickiest part of all. As a motorist myself, I’ve come across numerous playlists from various genres. The music genre of choice will largely depend on your liking. Whether you love to rock it out while driving, dance out to the beat of your favorite hip hop and R&B artist, or just chill down and listen to your favorite OPM music.


If your only musical taste is R&B, then start with that. Check out the artists, their music and explore how far your taste for that genre goes. If you are unfamiliar with the music, there are a lot of music identifying applications that you can download like Shazam.




You have to remember that the head units seats as one of the core fundamentals of a car. Whether that’s an old school head unit or a new one, it matters. Not all head units are equipped with the latest innovations such as Bluetooth functions. So why give yourself the hassle of using wired jocks when you can play your most favored playlist in the palm of your hand?


The sheer number of aftermarket head units on the market is staggering, and a whole new crop is released every year, so it’s easy to suffer from choice paralysis. In order to help you identify the right head unit, there are a number of questions that you’ll want to figure out the answers to.


The five most important questions to ask when it's time to buy a new head unit are:


  • What head units will actually fit in your car?
  • Is budget or quality more important?
  • What are your overall plans for your car stereo system?
  • How do you use your head unit now?
  • How would you like to use your head unit?


By the time you’ve answered those five, vital questions, and learned about all the available features and options, you’ll find that shopping for a head unit can be both easy and fun Upgrade your ride with a new head unit. Drop by at Blade Auto Center today and check out great deals or shop online at www.blade.ph