Keeping your Car Cool Despite the Heat

No one likes getting into a hot car especially during the summer. However, there are only two seasons in the Philippines: rainy and summer. And most of the time we experience lengthy summer days than rainy ones. We’ve all been through those first awful moments when our car is too hot to even sit in, yet we still drive. Wouldn’t it be better if you get into a car that’s less hot?

The good news is, we can make this dream a little bit more of a reality. There are some items that we can buy and will definitely create a significant temperature adjustment on our cars.


Windshield Visor

Cars become warm especially during the summer season because direct sunlight enters in through the windows. Nowadays, windshield visors are recommended to be added in order to keep the heat out of the windows. While they don’t block the heat entirely, they help lessen the heat entering in.


Tinted Windows

Another way to help block direct sunlight is to get window-tinting services. Since tinted windows are darker than the normal windows, they allow in less sunlight.


Seat Covers

The seats are often hot to touch along with everything inside the car. Another solution is to install seat covers that help deflect the heat from inside the car, which gives a more comfortable ride. Not only it deflects direct sunlight and heat, seat covers protect the underlying fabric retaining the car’s value.


Solar-powered Fan

With a solar-powered fan, you get a cooler breeze inside the car even without the car running. Since it uses energy from direct sunlight instead of from your car, it is also very environment friendly.


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