How to check if your gas is contaminated

Your fuel can make or break your car. However, it doesn’t always mean that you should always use pricey fuels. Many people tend to think that the term “contaminated gas” means “nasty chemicals”. And while it might be true, oftentimes, it really comes from a basic, harmless source: water.

What we are saying is that you should at least have gas that isn’t contaminated with water. This is because it could lead to a whole set of issues and problems that you could have avoided in the first place. If you don’t know how to check if your gas is contaminated, then you’re in luck because we have compiled a list for you.


Idling and starting issues

A car on idle hat has surging issues can be caused by contaminated gas. Also, if your car won’t turn on, one of the things you need to check is your fuel. If your car is on idle and you notice it sputtering, surging, or even stalling out, then it’s possible that your car has contaminated fuel.


Acceleration problems

If you hear coughing or sputtering sounds or if it might have jerky movements then chances are your gas is contaminated with water. Your car might start normally, but you might notice a problem when pressing down on the accelerator.


Rusty fuel tank

 If water has mixed with your gas, they’ll usually settle at the bottom. And when you’re running low on gas already, it’s what your car will use. The continued happening of this occurrence can lead to a rusty fuel tank, so better be on the lookout for that.


Car is dead

Water might get on the piston top, thereby preventing you from cranking the motors (and starting it).

The two most common problems you might meet when water gets mixed with gasoline would be water fouling or water separation. The best way to get rid of them is to have them serviced by a credible and professional mechanic. Don’t wait for anything else and head out to the nearest one near you.

Doing it yourself might be decent if you really know what you’re doing, but the greatest choice you can take here is to leave it in the hands of specialists. Taking a risk by doing it yourself might prime to more problems–and expenditures–so play it safe and invest in having it fixed by professionals.


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