Who would have thought that some of the love song hits created by singers all over the world would be inspired by cars and driving? Well, here are some to further educate you!

“Maybellene” by Chuck Berry

“As I was motivatin' over the hill
I saw Maybellene in a Coup De Ville
A Cadillac a-rollin' on the open road
Nothin' will outrun my V8 Ford
The Cadillac doin' 'bout ninety-five
She's bumper to bumper, rollin' side to side”

A guy driving a V8 Ford chasing after his  cheating girlfriend who’s driving a Cadillac Coup De Ville. In the end,  the Ford guy was able to catch Maybellene’s De Ville on a hill.

The De Ville's a boat of a car. No wonder the Ford caught up

“Gas Gas Gas” by Manuel

“Gas gas gas!
I'm gonna step on the gas
Tonight I'll fly and be your lover
Yeah yeah yeah
I'll be so quick as a flash
And I'll be your hero”

Yeah it might also apply to race on a track isn’t actually implied but it’s made famous by Initial D so there you go!

This is Takumi and his Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno. What a chad!

“Slow Ride” by Foghat

“Oh slow ride
Oh slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy”

This song openly talks about cruising around on a car at first, it quickly moves on the second verse. After that, the term “slow ride”, depending on who’s listening, will have a whole new meaning. Each listener can have their own perception of this.

Maybe "Slow Ride" also refers to the Chevy Chevette's underwhelming performance?

“First of Summer” – Urbandub

“Parked car
This night sky
Makes city lights shine like diamonds
Our song plays on the radio”

First of Summer is an optimistic love song from Urbandub which we’re quite sure has also become THE song for hundreds of couples in the early 2000s.

The music video for the song, the main characters who are also a couple crashes their car. As for the song itself, however, it’s a bonafide anthem for the youthful, love-struck pair living in the city. Cliché it seems!

The said music video also features a drag race that involves a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. Is that you Roman?

“Jeepney Love Story” – Yeng Constantino

“Sumakay ako sa jeepney
Ikaw ang nakatabi
'Di makapaniwala
Parang may hiwagang nadama
Nang tumama sa 'yo
Ang aking mga mata”

As the title simply puts it, it’s about somebody meeting his/her crush while having tp commute on a jeepney. As the song goes on, it’s pretty obvious that the guy/girl doesn’t have any plans to get off as long as his/her crush is aboard so is this some unrequited love?

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