Remove possible food sources

This is the understatement and number one rule of all times but this is the game changer of everything. Don’t leave behind foods of any kind. Mice and rodents are attracted to all sorts of food. This will keep insects or pets out of your car.

Block entry

Certain car models have air intakes that become signs so block off these with wire mesh. Understand that rodents can squeeze in their bodies very well so give them no other message but to keep out.

Use deterrents and repellents

Set the message clear that these rodents are not welcomed by using deterrents and repellents.

Keep your car dry

Aside from keeping your car clean, it also needs to be dry. Never let moisture build up inside your car. Aside from food, mice and rodents also thrive on water and will always be attracted to moist areas

Repel via Odor

Some scents are a  total turn off to them too. So, it might be good to have a go with these readily available scents: Pine-Sol, Irish Spring Soap, Peppermint Oil, Cayenne Pepper, and Pepper Spray.

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