Make Your Car Happy

If our cars have feelings, how would we want to make them feel? Obviously, and hopefully, we want to make them feel happy and cared about. Just like any other gadgets that we have, we take our time to make sure these things work well. The same goes with our cars. However, no one is perfect—we all make mistakes so no one is a perfect driver. But here are easy ways we can take care of our cars and make them feel happy.


Avoid road bumps

Unfortunately, not all roads are flat as we wish them to be. Some roads will have bumps and cracks that may cause serious damage to cars. Better to keep an eye out for these bad road bumps and potholes that may save us from repairs.


Prevent from sudden braking

This is often difficult to avoid especially if you’re driving in the city, always heavily congested but taking a less congested route will help you avoid from sudden brake activities.


Don’t overload

Apparently, carrying heavy load in our cars can damage the clutch, brakes, suspension and tyres. Practice packing lightly and educate yourself of the maximum authorized mass that is recommended for your car.


Check on your car fluids

Engine oil, Cooling, Brake Fluid and Water are used to3 keep your car running smoothly.

Failure to check it can lead to becoming ineffective and contaminated, which no car owner would want to happen.


Don’t ignore the engine light

Once you see the engine light turn on, your car basically signals you something is wrong and it’s time to have it checked by your mechanic.


Protect it from rain and moisture

During the rainy season, make sure the sunroof and windows are closed to prevent damage from moisture.


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