Here in Manila, traffic along the roads is rampant, especially on weekdays during business hours. Heavy volume of private cars, buses, and public transportations are seen. With this circumstance, more and more people are using motorcycles. However, regardless if you’re a new motorcycle owner or a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, it’s important that you have the right tech and gadget on the road. Here is a list of must-haves for every biker:



Safety comes first! Make sure you have a quality and durable helmet before going on a ride. And it doesn’t stop just by having a helmet—but you can choose a design that is both elegant and fashionable.

 Gravity Holder Phone Mount

Mount your mobile phones with a phone mount gadget.  Instead of stopping by to check on the map on your phone, it’s better that you have it so that It is easier to glimpse on your phone even while on the road.


Remax Gravity Holder RM-C31


Biker Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are essential to keep your hands comfortable and protected while driving. It makes gripping the knuckles easy to adjust too.

Blade Motorcycle Gloves XL (Black)


Action Camera

Record videos, sharp images, and capture moments along the road with an action camera. This gadget is very essential especially on recording cases of accidents that would need proof.

SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Gyro Anti-Shale WiFi Action Camera (Black)


Battery Charger

Of course! Nobody wants a hassle on the road. Charge your batteries in case you’re caught in an unexpected situation. Always keep this battery charger at the bunk of your ride and be low-battery ready.

Sparco Intelligent Car & Motorcycle Smart Battery Charger SPT500


Motorcycle Cover

Lastly, A Motorcycle cover that protect your bike from the rain, direct sunlight, heat, dust, and other particles that may tarnish and damage the skin of your motorcycle. Take good care of your motorcycle since it serves to get you through the heavy traffic each day.

 Blade Medium Motorcycle Cover (Gray)



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