We want our phones to always be in front of us. This is especially true for instances when we need to check for important messages or calls coming in, or if we need help in directions. It has become a necessity for travelling, going to unfamiliar places or even just visiting a friend’s house.. However, with the vast number of options in the market how do we choose?

Here are the things that we need to consider in choosing a car phone holder:


You don’t want your phone falling from its holder! Make sure to look for a phone holder that is strong enough in holding your mobile throughout the entire ride, despite the bumps, sudden breaks, and speed.

Attachment Style

Choose a style that is comfortable to you. There are choices from dashboard mounts, air vents mounts, CD slots mounts to adhesive mounts. Have your phone placed where you can easily see it without trying.


Mounting and dismounting your phones should not take too much effort! Having to stay inside your car for a second longer during a busy day can cause inconveniences. Choose a holder that is easy to use.

Charging Ability

It’s important to find a mount that allows you to charge your phone whenever you need it. There are various of phone designs, look for a mount that has an opening that matches your phone’s. Some mounts have a feature that will charge your phone, if your car can’t charge your phone, you can get a mount that does.

Phone Compatibility

And last but not the least, make sure that your phone and phone mount is compatible! A quick double check won’t hurt, right? A lot of mounts offer a universal fit and some has a fit dedicated on a specific design. It’ll save you the hassle if you choose the right car phone holder on your first try.

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