Due to the heavy traffic in Metro Manila, some private car owners and most of the commuters are switching to motorcycles. Who wouldn’t want it? You get to arrive to the destination you need to go in less than the amount of time you spend on the road. It makes your life way easier since you won’t be late to meetings or events, and you’ll be home extra early. And if you’re one of those who are looking for a motorcycle to buy, first familiarize yourself with the types before you get one so you would know which one will fit your lifestyle.

Cruiser Motorbike

A Cruiser Motorbike is perfect for the laidback country-old style ride. It has low seats, long wheelbases and large engine. Cruisers provide greater performance than the standard since it has more horsepower, stronger brakes, and better suspension.

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Sports Motorbike

Also known as a sport bike, it’s a motorcycle that is made to deliver much speed, acceleration, braking, and maneuverability. This type is the one commonly used for motorbike racing and competitions.

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Touring Motorbike

Touring motorbikes are built for wide open road and are often big bikes with much larger engines. This is good for people who ride very long distances so they can also include their luggage at the back.

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This type of motorcycle has a step-through platform for the rider’s feet. Scooters are much easier to use compared to the big bikes since they are lighter to drive. They are commonly used in cities and townships and are perfect for the day-to-day errands.

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Standard Motorbike

Standard motorbikes are known as somewhat of an evolution and a hybrid of Universal Japanese Motorcycles, classic British bikes, and modern technology. They are not too light nor too heavy to drive. They have good speed, acceleration, braking, and maneuverability that make them perfect for first-time riders and beginners.

Now that you are familiarized with the different types of motorcycles, you can now have a more informed decision on which type to get depending on your budget and lifestyle.

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