Next Steps After Selling Your Car

We have hundreds of reasons why we sell our cars. However, it’s safe to say that when we sell it, there’s this feeling of happiness that really comes over us. The only exemption for this is probably when you sell your favorite car, which you were just forced to get rid off. Regardless, selling your car takes a lot of process. So, it’s not easy to really to do so. From looking for a buyer, to meeting up with a lot of potential buyers, and the like. However, it’s safe to say that the most important part of selling your car, is the after process. And no we’re not talking about the whole new process of having to buy a new car. It’s all the paperwork you need to do in order to make sure that you won’t be faced with any problems after. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of things for you to do.


Ensure that you really have the money

Don’t hand of the car even if you receive a deposit slip. Make sure that the check has been cleared or the money is already in your bank account. To be safe, you can also get the payment in cash and do the transaction inside a bank.


Ask the buyer for valid government IDs

Get the IDs of the buyer. Make sure that they are all valid and have the buyer’s complete details. In this way, you are prepared with everything that happened.


Create paperwork for the ownership transfer

This is probably the most important part you have to do. Make sure that all the paperwork is transferred to the name of the buyer. We really recommend that you do it yourself instead of letting the buyer handle it. At least in this way, you’re sure that everything will be done legally. Since if the buyer fails to transfer the ownership to his or her name, if he or she incurs fines and penalties, it will all be under your name. Yikes!


Inform the insurance company

Lastly, you should give a heads up to your insurance company. Most often than not, the easiest way to handle this is probably to cancel it. Let the new buyer get a new insurance policy so that it will be completely under his or her name.


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