One Of The Most Essential Car Accessories During Road Trips

Road trips usually excite us. With the upcoming holiday vacations, you’ll surely be planning for your next road trip with your family. However, like all trips, there’s usually a lot of planning to do in order to make sure that everything will go smoothly and that everyone haves a good time. Apart from the usual clothes, accessories, and food essentials, you also need to think about the car ride going to your favorite destination. Of course when you are traveling with your kids there should be a lot of things to factor in. And one of these things that you shouldn’t leave without is a USB car charger.

To put it simply, a USB car charger is a small gadget that you plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter/accessory port to help provide one or more powered USB sockets. People typically use it to charge their smartphones and tablets. However, others have gone as far as using it to power battery packs, certain models of camera, and many other USB-powered devices.

If you’ve been trying to look for the perfect USB charger then we highly suggest this Transcend's car lighter adapter that you can get at


Transcend Car Lighter Adapter, Php 749.75

With amazing features like a four-meter USB cable, LED light indicator, and a short circuit protection, you’ll surely get your money’s worth. More than these, it is very easy to install and it is perfect for charging Transcend's DrivePro dashcams that can help you have an even better vacation!


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