Pre-Holiday Essential Car Checks


A Holiday trip golden rule: Safety First.

Whether you’re up for driving for the holidays or just using your car to get to the airport, you won’t want your car to let you down. After all, it could be a real deal breaker if your holiday will be spoiled just because of your broken car. So, in order to avoid this scenario and make sure that you’ll get the best holiday experience, always check your car. However, if you’re worried since you’re just a new car driver, and you’re not sure which things to check, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list for you! Just follow these swift and uncomplicated checks to ensure your holiday wheels keep rolling and you get to your holiday destination with a smile on your face!


Check the Oil and Water

Automatic cars don’t spend gallons of oil and don’t overheat. However, these don’t mean that you shouldn’t check on them anymore. You need to take a peek at your car’s oil and radiator water levels to make sure that your car is up and running. To do so, make sure your car is parked on a flat surface. Moreover, before you check the levels, make sure that the engine hasn’t been running for at least an hour and that it has cooled down. Remember that upon checking, and if you see that you need to add water, it’s a good idea to add anti-freeze to it.


Brake and windscreen washer fluids

Yes, your brakes and windscreen also need to be checked. Take a look at the levels of fluid in the brake and washer fluid reservoirs to ensure they are up to the maximum markers and that there is no leak.


Check on the light bulbs

Check if all the lights work properly, including full and dipped-beam headlights, rear and sidelights, brake and hazard lights, all four indicators and the light above the rear number plate. This is very crucial especially for long drives. Since you need light if you’ll drive until dark. Also, keep in mind that it’s a good thing if you carry spare bulbs just so you’re well prepared if certain situations will arise.


Wipe the dirt off the lights and wiper blades

If the headlights are covered in a layer of dirt, they won’t give the best visibility, which is especially important on unlit motorways and rural roads. Time to clean and wipe them up to make sure that you’ll encounter no problems on your drive. In fact for a cleaner, shinier result in one step, why not try the Blade Wash & Wax that’s safe for all car finishes?  Plus point that it’s super affordable and can be easily bought at!

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Have a clear-out

Don’t carry unnecessary items in your car as they can affect your fuel economy. Moreover,  they can take up a huge amount of space that you can actually save for passengers and luggage. Given this, remove anything that won’t be needed on your trip and keep them somewhere secure. With this way, you can also have room for those pasalubongs!


 Wheels and tires

Check on all four wheels and the sidewalls of your car’s tires for damages, bulges, cracks, and gouges out of the tire walls. It’s also important to study if the tires are set to the correct pressure since if they’re over or underinflated, they will affect the way the car drives. So, better triple check those wheels and tires to ensure that you can drive even through the toughest roads!  


 Fill your tank

Finally, fill up your car at a local gasoline station. Try to make it a practice to put full tank since there might be a chance that you’ll have a hard time looking for a gas station nearby.  Once you’ve done this, then you’re all set for that holiday trip!


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