The recent spike of volcanic activity in Taal has caused an uproar in the online space where people has shared their sentiments of what is happening within their area. To educate you, volcanic ash fall is hazardous to both you and your motorcycle. Knowing what to do before you must do it is very important.

You would be surprised at how these volcanic ash fall may affect both the interior and exterior of your motorcycle. Protecting the exterior components of your motorcycle is top priority so you may sit back, relax and let the volcanic ash fall incident pass over time.


To keep it in tip-top shape,

Protects your motorcycle from the harmful volcanic ash falls that may drop upon unexpectedly. It is designed with Japanese developed U.V. stabilizer for long lasting protection.

Our motorcycle cover is cool and dry for extremely hazardous situations and fits most big bikes, sports, and super bike up to 1000cc. A product which covers almost all types of motorcycle.

Made with superior quality and crafted with excellence. Product size is 228x99x124cm.

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