Remove oxidation spots by hand polishing

Depending on the level and degree of oxidation, the owner of the car can polish and remove the oxidation by hand and do it manually. This is often the best solution and the most practical thing to do if the condition of your car paint is not too terrible and it it isn’t that big of a deal, because it allows you to control the work progress and to protect your car’s paint most effectively.

A good quantity of polish on a clean piece of lint-free cloth can do wonders. Use the strength of your elbow to wipe out the scratches on the paint, then scrub until it becomes shiny. It all takes full effort.

Use the orbital polisher to wipe out oxidation

For this step it is necessary and a must to use polishing pads such as microfiber pads to properly wipe out the oxidation on the body of the vehicle. This device works like a grinding machine, yet it only creates a circular motion and does not generate heat.  Therefore just support the machine when it is in motion. You must polish it at least 2 times

Renew your car paint with a circular polisher

The circular polisher also known by car guys as the rotary polisher has a main purpose of helping to polish the car paint in a straight-line motion at very fast speed. Same as if you use an Orbital polisher, you will need to buy compatible polishing pads suitable for each step of the waxing and polishing process.


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