Lighting Kits

You can’t really expect a used car with studio-quality lighting to flatter your car interior. If you’re not happy with the yellowish stock interior lighting that comes in almost every used car, you can easily have it replaced. Most of these are made with bulbs that dim over time and may die due to lack of maintenance.

Dash Cam

In modern cars, the dash cam has a monitor that also functions as the rearview mirror. Most cars would also have a 360-degree camera, but you can buy the next best thing for your car. This has saved drivers all over the world from crimes, false accusations, and sucky insurance companies when they get into an accident.

Relaxing Chair

If you’re tired of your uncomfortable seat that leaves your back and bottom sore after long drives, then rejoice because this is the solution. This upgrade doesn’t require that you replace or remove your stock seat.

This “upgraded seat” feature can be purchased at an auto supply store or you can have one made. It resembles a thick pad of cushion with mechanisms inside it as well as a battery.

Remote Starter

If you know modern cars, then we assume you also know the remote start feature, push-button start, and keyless entry. Older model cars don’t have this feature since they also still use the traditional key method but many covet this not just for a luxurious and modern touch.

A lot of senior car owners who have arthritis fancy the push-start engine because they won’t have to insert and turn a key with their shaky hands. While you may not be able to fully convert your vehicle to the keyless, push-start engine type, you can get the next closest thing.


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