Ride in the Rain

Riding in wet weather comes with many safety hazards, especially when you’re on a motorcycle, but riding during rainy weather makes for the most exhilarating rides so long as you’re prepared for it. Here’s what to expect and how to change your riding.

  1. Choose weatherproof gear. When choosing gear, make sure it’s high visibility. Rainy weather brings low flat light that makes motorcycles harder to see during a downpour or a drizzling and foggy commute, especially during nighttime. High visibility and reflective gear helps other approaching vehicles see you clearly.

Treat your helmet’s face shield with rain repellent coatings.

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  1. Wear rainproof clothing. It’s obvious your suit should be waterproof and should keep you comfortable and allow you to move so you can turn your head and be able to control your vehicle. Choose waterproof suits, boots, and gloves.
  2. Ride safe. Make your ride smoother and smarter with these adjustments when on the road.
  • Adjust your speed. Slow down on slippery surfaces and brake earlier than usual.
  • Double your following distance between you and the vehicle in front and around you
  • Change the way you handle the throttle in small increments.
  • Use less lean angle.
  • Keep your body relaxed and let your motorcycle do its thing to make your ride smoother.
  • Go up a gear to prevent the rear wheel from spinning
  • Watch for oil slick on the road. Do you notice those rainbow puddles during rainy weather? That’s oil mixed with water. These surfaces are the most slippery and it’s most concentrated along intersections, because these places are where most cars stop in regular intervals. Slow down on these areas and remember to adjust speed and brake earlier.

BOX TIP: Oil and gunk from the road lift up during the first 15 to 20 minutes of a rainstorm; the road is more slippery at this time. If you can wait it out, pullover and wait for it to wash off before riding again.

  1. Travel in a straight line. This makes you less prone to encountering manholes and sealed pavement which can pose traction problems, not to mention uncovered manholes can pose a serious hazard to you and your vehicle. Should you encounter them, try driving around them or if you must drive through them, do not accelerate nor brake and just roll over it without making any aggressive changes.
  2. Pick a dry line. Obviously dry pavement offers better traction and maneuverability. Choose your lane position on the road by what offers the least amount of water or where cars have traveled.
  3. Avoid puddles. This is to avoid aquaplaning and to avoid a larger pothole which may be hidden in the puddle.
  4. Stop when you see lightning. Stop for a while until the lightning stops. 

If you happen to get caught out in the rain, especially during a downpour, remember these tips, stay calm, and ride smooth.


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