Sparco is an Italian auto part and accessory company headquartered in Volpiano, Turin, Italy that specializes in producing items such as seats, steering wheels, harnesses, racewear and helmets.

If you are looking for some quick but cool modifications for your vehicle, these Sparco items will instantly give your ride that sporty look you have been aiming for:


Start with the basics. Nothing feels better when sitting on a comfortable seat cushion that is stylish at the same time! It’s not always the outside look that matters, the inside of your car also bring out the beauty of it! Have that sports looking car ready with Sparco Racing Seat Covers! Here are a list of selections for you to check! 



Now it’s not just the steering wheel we’re talking about, we’re also talking about the look of it! Get that sporty look through Sparco’s steering wheel covers. Not just sporty, but it helps us have a better grip of the wheel! Choose from a lot of variations to your liking.



Comes in three different colors. Sparco Floor Mat will keep your car flooring clean. A 4pcs/set, two front mats with “SPARCO” logo design. Suitable for all cars with or without accelerator and made with Polyester + PVC backing. 



Stay organized and clutter free with Blade Non-slip dash mat. You can put your keys, coins, sunglasses, mobile phones and other small items on it to prevent them from sliding while driving. No adhesive required. It naturally forms to your car or truck dashboard curves. Sloping dashboards can cause items to shift while traveling. Leaves no residue.



Ergonomically designed for stress and pain relief. Memory foam to mold to your body shape and posture for optimal alignment. Made to be in the golden zone between softness and hardness, especially suitable for long distance driving.

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