SUV vs Wagon

Christmas is usually the time when people get their bonuses. As such, it’s time to treat yourself to that long-awaited car you’ve always wanted for your family to enjoy. However, there are usually a thousand things to consider when buying a car for the family. And the first thing you should decide on is whether you are getting a SUV or a Wagon. To help you come up with a decision, we’ve created a list of things you should take note of.



When buying a car for your family, the first thing to consider is the space. Is there really enough space for your rear passengers to feel comfortable? Some SUVs tend to have smaller legroom because they prioritize having more space to have more passengers. As such, we can say that Wagons win in this category. They are generally longer than SUVs so this is a much better option.


Fuel Economy

Wagons are lighter than SUVs. And as we all know, the lighter the car, the more    fuel-efficient it is. So, it’s safe to say that Wagons win again in this category. However, do take note that there are other SUVs that are also fuel-efficient. You just really have to research which ones.



In terms of comfort, we can honestly say that both the SUV and the Wagon are of equal stance. On one hand, SUVs will make you feel comfortable since it is a car that most of us are already used to. To add, they are big enough to help you when there is a flood. You really won’t have to worry about getting water in your car. On the other hand, Wagons are smaller. As such, when you have a flat tire, Wagons are much easier to deal with because they have more reasonably size tires.


For the over-all experience, we can say that the two cars are of equal stance again. They both have great driving experience. It’s just really a matter of which particular model you choose. As such, it’s better to test-drive the cars first before making a decision. 


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