Drinking and driving at the same time has always been a bad omen to everyone. Despite all the types of warnings and advertisements that are shown in both the billboards we drive along to up to the online space. We just got to admit that there are those “OMG” moments every now and then. Especially when the “happy” moments turned “Epic”. Let’s face it, a night out with your friends almost always means having a nasty hangover the next day. And those who must be the designated driver are left with having the hassle to clean the car. Here’s a list to further ease your life in terms of cleaning those unexpected vomits in your car.



Coffee has been a life hack solver for bad odor since the dawn of time. Simply leave an open cup of ground coffee inside your car and let it do its magic.

Or if you are an avid fan of coffee, why not get your own Blade organic freshener – coffee scent.

Stay awake while driving with Blade Organic Air Freshener Coffee Scent. Feel the aroma of brewed coffee that will keep you awake during long rides.

  • Each spill proof air freshener provides a fresh fragrance for up to 60 days
  • Made with organic and high quality fragrance oils
  • Provides a multitude of uses from household to office and car

Or try the Aspen Air Coffee – Cappuccino scent. Long-lasting fragrance that lasts up to 60 days, classy design which is ideal for your car, your home or office.

There are also other scents for you to choose from, given the wide variety of car fresheners that Blade Automotive has to offer. Here are some fruity selections for you to select.



More than a baking ingredient, people use baking soda for cleaning. In this situation, sprinkle it everywhere and leave it there for a few days then vacuum it afterwards. 


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