Dead battery

Chances are the engine will refuse to crank when you try to start it. One probable cause is the battery it might have no power left. Not running the car even for just a couple of weeks can kill the battery, and a dead battery means you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

The battery will slowly lose its charge without the engine

Deteriorated tires

Due to being stored and not being used, the wheels may end up being flat because of the heat and if it is not properly maintained since the tires carry the full weight of the car, and they generally maintain their shape under normal driving conditions the tires will eventually become deflated, flat and warped.

If the car is left in a stationary position, the tires will become deflated, rotten or warped

Moisture buildup

Due to our ambient humidity, moisture can easily accumulate and build up in different areas of the car, such as the corners of the cabin, the gas tank, and the brake fluid reservoir. Excessive moisture in vehicles can lead to corrosion. When that happens, the efficiency and safety of the car are compromised, and it becomes necessary to conduct repairs or replacements, either of which costs money.  

Faded paint

This is very common among cars that have been exposed to excessive heat since heat can damage the natural painting of the car. Sometimes the color will be dulled, or worse, visible cracks will appear on the bodywork.

Fuel pump breakdown

The car’s fuel pump is one of the parts that can easily break down when the car is idle for too long. That is why we need to ensure that there is always enough fluid in the compartments because if there are no fluids flowing through, such as when the engine is running, it can lead to malfunctioning and might need replacement in severe cases.


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