Why do you need to have your car maintained?


Why do you need to have your car maintained?

Like all things, cars need proper care too. Though it might be a hassle, taking care of your car can give you a long cost per use. After all, it’s something that you use on a daily. Not sure which parts you need regular check ups on? Well here’s a list you can check every now and then!

Fluid checks

If your oil, transmission fluid, or engine coolant is running low, add the necessary fluid stat! Like people, your cars also need the right amount of fluids to avoid overheating.

Oil change

Oils can make or break your car. So, changing them every 3,000 miles is best to ensure your engine’s smooth performance.

Tire pressures

Make sure that your cars have the required air pressure. Don’t put too much and don’t put too little since wrong pressures can lead to excess tire wear.

Engine air filter

People don’t understand how important air filters are since they usually cost very little. To give you an idea, if your air filters are always dirty, it can shorten your car’s lifespan. So, better check them regularly to protect your car’s engine.


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